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The requirements of the Luxury Hotel Industry have shaped our know-how, let's share it with you today.

Excel Place is the hub of customer and employee experience.
Our network brings together a group of experts to support you on managerial issues, customer relations, sales, human resources...
Make your client and teams experience memorable with Excel Place.
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An outside look to measure the customer experience
How to know the quality really offered to your customers? What is the emotional dimension that you convey to your customers?
Develop your skills to meet loyalty challenges
Training is fundamental to evolve in the changing environment of customer relations. 82% of employees find it a gain in competitiveness. 
Let's turn your vision into reality
Building a customer journey, deploying a quality approach, reviewing your brand identity and many other topics to develop the potential of your brand.
Develop your knowledge of the customer and your employees
How can customer satisfaction and employee engagement be easily and usably collected? Let's create together a relevant questionnaire to do so.

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