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An external look at your services

Quotation request

Would you like better insight into the level of service currently offered to customers? 

The quality of the services you offer can be measured. Let an independent and expert organization take a snapshot of your business as it stands today and provide you with a detailed guest experience storyboard.

Excel Place offers a qualitative and customized service:

  • Complete service rituals and guest journey analysis

  • Relevant and custom-designed evaluation sheets

  • Experienced Quality Control Consultant

  • Hand-in-hand support throughout the consultation process

We provide useful deliverables created by an independent third party that make it possible to benchmark the current level of service provided and to envision areas of progress.

The mystery guest program is divided into several facets and levels of detail to adapt to your needs.

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Do you really know how the quality of your services is perceived by customers ?

Our Ambassadors audit objectively and with attention to detail following a process that’s been validated upstream. The mystery guest takes on the role of an everyday customer to observe various criteria, such as quality of customer reception, services and products. Areas of strength and improvement are identified to propose the appropriate customized solutions.

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What introductory dimension are you conveying to your clients ?

The introductory visit is a mesure that permits your business to account for the first impression and emotion generated in terms of customer experience. This visit focuses on the five senses and the client’s sensory feelings on your grounds: decor, customer reception, general atmosphere and sense of caring are all examples of the elements taken into consideration during this visit which orient the client perception.

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How do your clients perceive your telephone reception?

It’s usually the first point of contact with a client, the first impression they have of your business; as such, it is imperative to optimize client relations by phone. Each mystery call is recorded and evaluated (telephone etiquette, talking points, verbal tics, speech rate…) and you are given thorough feedback to improve your exchanges with clients.

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Internaute mystere.png

Is your website ergonomic? Is the navigation easy? Does the site contain sufficient and pertinent information? Is the response time adequate? Are your policies clear enough?

Online sales and e-commerce have become a must, so businesses have to adapt to this new mode of consumption. We help you evaluate these criteria while surfing your website. All other e-communication tools, such as newsletters and quotes, are also audited.

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